Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Seattle Trip

Mark's parents kindly took us on a 9 day vacation to Seattle, Washington! It was absolutely beautiful there! Between the cool temperatures, gorgeous green trees, and snow-capped mountains we found Washington a very tempting place to live!

Taylor's First hike in the mountians!!!! We are at 26 weeks and doing well! Chaco's are not nearly as comfortable when your feet swell up!

These pigs were everywhere around Seattle!

We took a one night trip from Seattle to his family's cabin up on Mt. Ranier for the night. It was a very cozy cabin- no running water- which for a pregnant woman was interesting- but I got creative and found lots of uses of my empty gatorade bottles. We had a great time hiking around the trails nearby. This pic is alongside a river near the cabin. Note- Mark's hairdo is awesome!

Our cousin Kevin and his wife Erica took us out on Union Lake in their boat. - oh and everyone needs to know I TRIED SALMON and actually liked it too!

We got a chance to do a little hiking in the Olympic Mountians just outside Seattle. We walked a couple of shorter trails with Mark's sister Elaine and her husband Matt. We did get to see a banana slug- that was the most exciting wildlife we encountered.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!
So fun!! Looks like ya'll had a blast in Washington! Well, it looks like Lesh and I are joining in on the parenting department!!! We are pregnant!!!! I am only 6 weeks, but so freaking excited!!!!! Woohoo!! I'll start a blog soon and I'll send you the address. :) Talk to you soon!