Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Month!!!

It was difficult to get her to look at the camera for this pic
Our Taylor Grace is one month already! The time seems to have flown by even with the sleepless nights and days spent at home. We are treasuring every minute of parenthood so far! It is definitely a huge responsiblity and a lot of hard work ( though I'm sure we're still in the babymoon stage) but it has been the most precious thing that has ever happened in my life for sure!

We've finally reversed her nights and days!!! yay! She has lots of awake time in the day which is getting to be lots of fun for both of us! She follows voices around the room and has started to interact alot more when I talk to her. Its almost like each day the world unfolds a little more just for her . We are waiting for that smile- we've thought we've seen it a few times but I know its just around the corner.

I think she's gonna keep her blue eyes like her daddy!

Every morning Taylor and I sit in the glider and listen to our Baby Einstien World of Animals dvd ( Thank you Donna and Jill!) don't know what she can see right now but it definitely intrigues her for a good 20 min. I think she likes the noises and songs- mommy likes it too.

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