Sunday, June 28, 2009


Here are some pics from June. Our sweet girl is really growing up. She's pulling up on everything and she attempts to stand on her own. She loves to be the center of attention of course. Loves to sing and has figured out how to "dance" when music comes on.
June has been a busy month for us for sure. We are busily packing for California and getting all the details in order. We did find a really neat, ecletic home in Redwood city which is about 15min North of Stanford University. We ended up renting a house on almost an acre at the top of a large hill so our home overlooks the bay in two directions. The dogs will have a blast there I'm sure! Our official leave date is July 15th. But between here and there we are going to visit family in NC, Mark's parents are coming to help, My grandmother came for a week visit, and I have our family's girl beach trip. So, we are really busy right up until we leave. Its exciting to think about going somewhere new for a while but at the same time its so sad to leave family and friends and a generally comfortable life here in Orlando. Many tears have already been shed saying goodbye to people. But I know God's got a plan for us and I'll just trust in that for now.
Pulling daddy's hair
She LOVES grass (not the 4:20 kind)

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