Monday, August 17, 2009


We've been in Cali for almost a month now. Its hard to believe we actually made it here in one piece. We had lots of "snafus" you could say during the moving process but we're finally moved in and settled down for a bit anyway. Mark's family drove our Tahoe here and were here to help us for a week, which was soooo great. Mark has already traveled to MT for a conference in wilderness medicine. While he was away David, my brother, came for a week to visit and help with Taylor. Since our family has left its been very quiet and lonely here. Mark has worked a few shifts and I spend alot of my days chasing Taylor around and of course letting the dogs in and out of the house. We did manage to get a short hike in last week. There are parks and hiking EVERYWHERE here! Its amazing! We're planning to spend a few nights in Yosimite Natl Park next week and do some more hiking before it gets chilly here. Speaking of the weather...I'm a total weather nerd and the weather here is BORING. I know I shouldnt complain but we're talking 55-85 degrees everyday!!! NO clouds, no rain, no nothing! We dont even get the ominous fog that the nothern bay area gets daily. I never realized how much I need that weather action.
But on the flipside you can do almost any outdoor activity any day you want and you know you wont get too hot, too cold, or wet. So, I think I should be happy.
We've found a great church, Menlo Park Presbyterian, which is very contemporary and very kid-friendly. I've already met a potential friend there and we're trying to set up a coffee date this week.
Mark is getting used to the Stanford system and we're both loving the 8 hr shifts! I see him so much now! Not much else to report. We're still praying for our house in Orlando to get rented.
I've made a few goals for myself this year....I'm going to learn to be a fabulous cook and I'm going to attempt to make at least 1 quilt. I ordered an easy amy butler pattern and fabric so we're see. I'm not crossing my fingers but I really want to try. I hope I dont get too frustrated.
I'll take some pics of the house soon and post them!


Donna said...

Hey Sarah! Sounds wonderful! I remember spending a few weeks in California before moving to Guam. We lived in a hotel on the beach in Port Hueneme. I tried to go to the beach with the girls (ages 3, 17 months and 2 months). They were filming a TV show on the beach and asked me to move out of the shot because the show was a kind of baywatch show and they didn't want a mother and babies in the shot. HMPH!
We had a great time in Nantucket with your parents. They were definitely missing you!

Kathryn said...

I miss you guys! I love being able to keep up with your blog, though!

I loved the video of Taylor walking! :)