Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just pics....updates soon I promise!

YAY! I finally updated the blog. Sorry its just pics for is so hectic right now the times is just flying by. The kids are changing so fast I feel the need to just go ahead and post some pics before they look totally different. Life for us with two kids in the house has been super busy. There is always a diaper to be changed, mouth to be fed, boo boos to kiss, those dang pacifiers to find , doggies to scold, moving decisions to be made, looking for houses in Greenville..Did I mention we are moving to Greenville, Sc this summer. We only actually have about 2.5 weeks left in California. The Ellis' are on the move again! More updates later. I cannot wait to tell more about my sweet Noah. But here are a few highlights. He is growing and gaining weight well. He is a super sweet little guy, loves to cuddle up to your neck and just be loved on. He's a night owl and most of his awake time is between 8-11pm which makes for one tired momma! But I love his sweet smile and I can't go to sleep without my precious time with him. He is pretty easy going so far. He sleeps fairly well for a 7 week old. Taylor loves her "babeeeee". She kisses him just about every chance she can get ( which makes us a little nervous since her kisses cover both mouth and nose). She loves to find his passies for us and she loves to point out his nose, eyes and mouth. Taylor has really started talking and putting words together. Its been exciting here at our house...I'll fill in on more details later. But here are the pics. I didnt get to edit them but I wanted to go ahead and post..enjoy!

My sweet Noah...5 weeks

He has the same amount of hair as Taylor does !

Noah at 7 weeks

Little man

Sister kisses ( and mommy's shadow..oops)

I have two kids!!!! Holy cow!
Diaper changing time

Taylor loves to play outside

Making "ones" on the sidewalk

Taylor 19 mos


Amanda said...

Cute pictures - I can't believe how big Noah is now! Happy to see an update! We HAVE to get together soon... when is the big move? Email/call next week and lets set a play-date! It was great to catch up with you on the phone this evening though...Miss ya

Anonymous said...

they are precious!!!

princess granola said...

they are so cute! and they look so happy and healthy. which means you are doing a fabulous job. :)

Donna Jagoe said...

I had to put a latch on Deborah's door when Deborah was a newborn because Elizabeth used to climb into the crib when I wasn't paying attention. She would just "drop in" on Deborah, and sometimes fall on her. Have fun!