Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello! Its me again

Hello! Remember me?
Clearly having the third baby has left me with little time to do the fun things...anything which is why I havent been blogging for the past six months or so. But in case you havent talked to me lately let me fill you in on a few of the major events that have happened lately.

EVENT #1 Kids started preschool and the are LOVING it...and I am too because of event # 2

EVENT #2 Emma Kate Bailey Ellis arrived December 28 at 6:07 am- all on her own ( I might add) with no help from medicine too...we barely made it to the hospital and through the medical paperwork.

- Emma Kate is a double name. We like it because is sweet, but not too sweet. And its Southern..and we are too now.
- She is the brightest-eyed baby I've ever seen and loves to laugh and talk and smile
- She is nearly 4 mo now and N and T are wonderful with her

EVENT #3 We found a house three weeks after EK was born, bought it, remodeled a kitchen and moved ourselves in Mid March.
EVENT #4 we helped plan and execute my brother's engagement to his sweet girlfriend, Christina.

Those are just the life-changers. Nevermind the multiple parties, events, lectures, trips, and visitors we've had....Honestly I dont even remember most of that because I was either uber-pregnant or had a newborn

Needless to say, life has been sweet, busy, and VERY exhausting. BUT we are in love with our family of 5, and 7 including the doggies. AND we feel very blessed.

I enjoy reading other people's blog posts and truthfully, It makes me feel guilty and inadequate that I cannot write much on my own blog.In fact, I am disappointed when other people dont put on new posts frequently ( which I know is insanely hypocritical)..Between the diapers, snacks, errands, unpacking, nursing, and yelling at the dogs...most days I just feel too tired. And plus, right now I'm reading the Hunger Games, which calls to me every time I have a free moment.Its really good and I feel hip that I'm actually in-the-know with something popular. Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of my new sweetness, Emma Kate, and our new home. But if it takes me a while, then you know I'm just trying my best to do life, and well...friend me on facebook. I just learned how to upload pics from my phone and its much easier for me!

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E and K Wiepert said...

so glad to here updates!!! Miss you!!