Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 months!!!!

Sweet Taylor Grace is 3 months now! She has been all smiles and has started laughing too! Her newest thing is that she loves to sit upright and be involved in everything we are doing. We bought her a Bumbo seat to help her strengthen her back and neck. I can tell she feels like a big girl when she's in it.

This picture is with Santa at Dr. Silvestri's Christmas party! I don't think she ever looked at Santa one time but he still gave her a kiss and a present! Its been fun having a baby to bring with you to parties. There is always a fun and easy conversation piece and mom and dad get a break since everyone wants to hold her all night. She's been a pretty relaxed baby so far so its been easy to bring her to all the holiday events and happenings. She must get it from her daddy :)

Still loves to chew on her hands all day! She's getting sooo big now - her legs are growing very long she loves to be standing upright and looking around. I know I say this every time but I cant believe how quickly time goes and how babies grow miraculously fast-its been so amazing to watch her change daily.

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