Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hello from Telluride

Hello from Telluride Colorado!!! We are here in this quaint ski town for the month of January. Mark is working on researching High Altitude sickness at the Institute for Altitude medicine. We've been here for about two weeks and we are in heaven!!! It is so gorgeous here nestled between the mountains. Our condo has a beautiful view of the snow capped San Juan Mountains Our friends Chris and Callie came to visit with their 10 month old Carson ( who is adorable) this week. We finally got a chance to hit the slopes this week with our friends. The girls and guys switched off watching the kids and skiing and it worked out great! Although I'm finding that skiing is much harder after being pregnant- I'll work up to it though. Our little Taylor has started talking so much - no real words of course but certainly she speaks her opinions. She has started grabbing things and really concentrating on smaller objects. We can make her laugh very easily now. She's going to be 4 months tomorrow! I'm still in awe of how fast she's developing! She's fascinated with everthing she sees- especially the television I hate to admit! We are looking forward to seeing more friends as they visit- if you are reading this and feel the last minute need to ski come on over!!! We have a 3/2 condo with plenty of room we would love more company! More pics soon!
Me on the slopes

Thats our view from our condo- we're out on the town for dinner

Chris, Callie and Carson- some of our best friends

Callie and I before our first day skiing-

Miss Taylor and I on the gondola

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