Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Its a Taylor parade around the country!

We are back in the swing of things after our month spent in Telluride! I have never appreciated the Florida sun like I am now after being in the bitter cold for 4 weeks! Our drive took us almost a week, which included stops to visit friends and family along the way. We joked that it was a "Taylor parade" from December thru Jan stopping to visit nearly everyone in the family that we could to meet our baby girl. She slept almost the entire drive from Florida to NC. Then NC to TN...from TN to Amarillo, Texas ( where we spent the night ...it happened to be on our 5 year anniversary ) Only truckers spend their anniversary in Amarillo. Then all the way to Telluride. It was a dream because she only ended up waking every three-four hours to eat , then she was asleep again. So being a month older, on our drive home we were a bit nervous how she'd do...but we are happy to report she slept almost the entire way from CO to FL as well! The Lord is good! Here are some pics of Taylor Grace meeting her great grandmothers. We have still yet to meet Mark's Grandma Lee , who lives in Seattle now. We are planning a visit there this summer hopefully once we get out to the west coast.

Taylor and Grandmo

Taylor and Nana and Audrey( Mark's cousin)

We had a wonderful time visiting with all our family. I have felt so blessed that both Mark and I come from strong families who truly love one another. I'm finding more and more that close families are a rare thing. I'm so thankful that Mark and I had a great example to model after...and our kids have multiple generations to look back on and see the legacy from which they came. On a side note...I have been excited and feeling like the Lord is doing a new thing with my family. It seem He's stirring things up a bit...drawing people closer to Himself. I wonder what is in store for all of us as a famliy and individually. So, for now I pray for my loved ones and expect that God is working.

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