Monday, March 23, 2009

So I'm having one of those days...and yes I'm going to vent on this blog- I'm wondering where all my time goes? I don't have a job outside my home, I don't volunteer for anything, I have some friends but I'm not a social butterfly....I'm not working out "really", not currently in a bible study or anything like that. YET...I feel like I have NO TIME..and there's so much to be done. I need to do the laundry, need to do a grocery list, need to clean out cars, rooms, closets, bathe dogs, shape up, cook, photo albums....update blogs and keep up with friends and family. BUT I cannot find enough time in my day????What is wrong with me? At what stage does my "Inner Martha Stewart" (as my friend Callie says)come out?
All I want to do all day is stare at Taylor Grace and make her laugh. My days consist of making high pitched noises, silly faces, and peek-a-boo tricks just to get a giggle. My day is consumed with her and dont get me wrong, I LOVE IT! There is nothing I'd rather be doing all day. I just am amazed that I can neglect all the things that "need to be done" and just be with her. I feel like its the right thing to do, I know in my heart its right. I mean she's growing so fast and I'll never have this time back! But sometimes I think how in the world can I function when I have more than one child, or one more than that.....and so on and so on. Maybe its a new mom thing or maybe I'm just weird but I just wanna say I've noticed it .


Anonymous said...

Girl! I am so there with you!! I try to get things done, and I've noticed that if I make myself a list of most important things to do: like do dishes, do a load of laundry, have my Quiet time, pick up the living room... I seem to get more done. I have committed to doing 1 thing a day extra besides having my QT. I started that last week and it seems to work. I love my little man and can't get enough of him!!!

princess granola said...

There should be a club. It definitely hasn't changed for me as Zola has gotten older- if anything it's even more fun now and we're going to the park and playdates- it's amazing. And I just think when we have another kid it will be normal and we'll figure it all out.

I'm just thankful I have a husband that's okay with coming home to disheveled house and dirty dishes- as long as Z and I are laughing and happy. :)