Friday, March 20, 2009

6 months I can't believe its here!

Taylor at 6 months-Cocoa Beach March 2009
Taylor and Grandpa

First steps in the freezing Atlantic!!She pulled her feet up under her after this shot

Trying to get a feel for the sand

I think she's gonna keep her dark blue eyes

My Taylor Grace is 6 months old now!!! She is now sitting up on her own and reaching for everything in sight! She is such a busy body too- no more cuddling and sweet hugs for momma! She loves to wiggle and climb around! Her favorite toys now are the tv remotes and pretty much anything she can get into besides her toys. Today I spotted two front teeth cutting through! My girl is growing so fast! Our lives are so blessed by our baby girl! I can be completely exhausted, feeling horrible and in a foul mood..but if my sweet girl smiles or laughs everything negative dissolves instantly. How do babies have the power to do that? Anyway the rest of the Ellis clan is doing well. Its already mid March and we are trying to work out details for our move to California in July. We are hoping to rent our house and then find someone out in Cali who would be willing to rent to people with two 70 lb "horses"(aka vizslas)...I know I wouldn't. We are trying to trust in the Lord for all the little details mostly because there are just too many of them to count.
On a deeper topic, lately I've been thinking about the importance of prayer. I feel like when my life gets busy thats the first thing that goes out the window. In some ways I feel like I pray all day a continuous prayer that flows from my heart, mind, and thoughts....but when my life is crazy and my schedule full I'm sad to say that prayer is the last thing on my mind. What is so hard about it I wonder? When its crazy I probably need prayer the most...and how can I grow a relationship with someone if I never make time to spend with them. So, Mark and I have been trying to take some steps to be more disciplined in that area. So say a prayer for us if you think about it....I think a deeper prayer life is going to be crucial in these next transitional months especially.

On a different note...we figured out our video camera stuff and we'll be posting videos!!! I'll get those on next but for now these pics above are from the last trip to the beach to visit Uncle Tom and Aunt Betty Lou. This time the wind wasnt so cold...but we did have a funny story about mom getting hit by a girl on a bicycle....ha ha she was ok though

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