Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter Beach trip

We took a trip to the Beach after Easter Sunday services. It was a gorgeous day! Taylor loved the sand and loved to wiggle her toes around in it. She wasnt a huge fan of the water but we managed to get a few good pics of her anyway. She is now trying to figure out how to crawl! I can't believe it my baby girl! We actually got a great video of ther crawling and scooting so we'll post that as soon as we can find the cable to upload it on the computer. She's also found her voice and LOVES to talk and babble around especially when we are in public places where she can get Lots of attention. She's figured out a little trick , She thinks that a fake cough will get my whenever I'm engaged in a conversation or on the phone I usually here a small little "agh agh" to get me to turn my attention to her. Its hilarious! I'll try and get that on video too. On another note we are slowly starting to box up the house for our move to California in July. We've put our house on the rental market and we're starting to look online for a place near Stanford. I know the Lord wants us to go there if even for a short time...its definitely a leap of faith that I have to take daily when I think about it. I'm glad we have wonderful family and friends to get us through California. Anyone who wants to visit...come on !!!

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