Saturday, April 4, 2009

Taylor's Anti-Climactic Roll

Big news in the Ellis house!! Taylor is now sleeping through the night!!!!! I had my wisdom teeth out last wednesday ( which has been a nightmare) and so Mark sent me to stay at mom and dads for a couple of nights. We decided since I was out of the house that daddy and Taylor would go through what we call "Baby boot camp". She's getting close to 7 months and she was sleeping much better but we were still getting up several times a night. After talking with the pediatrician, he suggested that we go ahead and sleep train her for three nights. Since we're getting nearer to the separation anxiety stage he thought it best to teach her to self-soothe. I have been somewhat opposed to this method, myself, for a while but I was willing to try it for three nights only. Mark said she did wonderfully with little protest...and I'm soo happy to report that after three nights Mark and Taylor did it!!!! She slept the entire night without a peep last night!! I know that there will most likely be more nights when she will be up but I know she can do it! I'm so proud of her and I'm so thankful to Mark for taking it for Team Ellis.

This has been great timing because I've been on pain meds all week and it looks like I'm back to the oral surgeon on Monday. I may have a complication that they need to fix...which has put me out for the weekend and maybe some of next week too. Yuck. I know it cant go on forever though.

Heres another video:

Taylor rolled over for the first time a couple of months ago...but of course every time I get my video camera out she will not perform for me. I have NO idea where she gets this from since I'm pretty sure neither mark nor I were ever camera shy. So I finally got her rolling over although she doesn't really want to you'll be able to tell in the video.

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Aunt Donna said...

Hey Sarah, she is so cute! I loved the video. I remember those days...have fun. I remember going to Albertson's with Elizabeth when she was 9 or 10 months old. She would walk along pushing a tiny shopping cart and stop frequently so people could admire her as she went along. Sorry you had to get your Wisdom teeth out. Hope that you are on the upswing now.