Friday, November 20, 2009

Noah Parker Ellis arriving late March

So, we picked a name for our sweet baby boy!
Noah Parker Ellis
We are so excited to be having a boy this time around! It should make the whole experience totally different! And of course if you know our family, we like change. We had our name narrowed down to three choices and we tried to get Taylor to say each one outloud. Noah was the only one she could actually say. It was so sweet...and we were glad because it was the name both Mark and I agreed on. Right now we are teaching her to nod her head for YES and shake it for NO. So, its pretty hilarious when she says Noah's name she also shakes her head "no" while she says it. I'm sure we'll work through that one before the baby arrives. We are now at 22 weeks and both mommy and baby are doing well. I've got alot of energy actually and I've been fairly comfortable up until this point. We are excited for the holidays coming up. We'll be spending Thanksgiving here with some new friends. My mom will be coming the week after for a visit and then we're off to Texas for two weeks to spend with Mark's family and our friends in Houston. After that we'll be buying blue and getting ready for Noah!
On another note, please keep my brother, Wesley, in your prayers and my family as well. He was deployed to Afghanistan a couple of weeks ago. He's going to be out on patrol from Camp Dweyer in the Helman province. He is an officer in charge of 40 men over there- and will be mostly out on MRAPs(Mine Resistant Ambuish Protected vehicles). Its difficult knowing my little brother is out there in the war and at times it feels like we're on an emotional rollercoaster. But we are trusting the Lord and His sovereignty. We KNOW He loves Wes even more than we do, and that He can protect him just as easy in Afghanistan as he can here in the safety of his home. We're all praying psalm 91 over Wesley as well as a couple of others. You are most welcome to join us in that too!
We uploaded some funny videos of Taylor Below! Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I am praying for your brother's safety. I also totally love the name Noah! I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Char said...

What adorable pictures and videos you have captured of Taylor. Can't wait to see what you will do when Noah arrives. God Bless you all!

Grandy & Grandma Char