Friday, January 8, 2010

The Christmas Bug

Happy New year!!! I think my new years resolution will be to post on my blog more often but that seems like a pretty lofty goal for me. I'm going to try my best though.

We traveled to Texas for Christmas this year to see Mark's side of the family. We were there from Dec 14-Dec 26th and we were so looking forward to seeing family and friends. First stop we stayed with some our closest friends, Callie andChris and their son Carson, who we stayed three nights with. Callie and I had been planning our time together all year and we were really excited to hang out with them. We had a great two days hanging out and catching up with them. One day we decided to head to Memorial City mall where they had this fantastic play area for kids. I've never seen anything like this it was so amazing. Taylor and Carson had a ball playing and climbing around! We were just starting to get into the Christmas spirit when.....

IT happened....

We caught the notorious GI bug going around the Houston area. First it started with Taylor, who of course passed it to me. My sweet husband had to spend his Birthday caring for his two girls- and he was so wonderful about it. We decided to head to Galveston so we could at least be sick at home and not infect any more friends. After caring for us and getting us home Mark caught it. So our little family contracted it fairly quickly and we thought it was over...


Mark's family had planned a Christmas open house while we were in town so we could see all the family friends and so that people could meet Taylor. Unfortunately, our little "Christmas gift" continued to spread to both of Mark's parents and his sister. So, all the plans any of us had were changed and we were really sad that they had to cancel the party. Also we didnt get to see most of our friends we were hoping to see. That Christmas bug plagued the entire Ellis clan for the entire week! So, all in all 10 days of the 12 day trip we were sick. But we tried to make the best of it and laugh when we could and rest in between. We decided it was better to be sick all together and we made the best of it. We knew this would be a memorable holiday but we didnt know it would be THIS memorable. I think we'll have alot to laugh about next year.

Even though we werent completely better we decided we couldn't miss the Christmas Eve service. I was determined to have Taylor wear her new Christmas dress no matter what. As you can tell from the video below..she was feeling much better. This is one of her running through Trinity church after the service.

Another one of her after the service. She loved to climb the steps toward the altar but she kept getting caught on her dress. It was the most excercise she got in days.

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