Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Girl

Last month my baby girl turned two! Yes, we've entered that stage now. We are officially full force into toddlerhood. I can hardly believe how fast these years pass. I, of course, had to have myself  a good cry  because I knew she would never again be 1 years old again. I have to fight back the tears thinking about her growing up.
Anyway back to the birthday... We had a sweet little "mickey mouse" themed party with just the family plus my mom was in town too. This is the year I think it "clicked" with her about birthdays. We bought her some pretend cakes and birthday candles to play with and practice the birthday song in the days leading up to her big day. So Taylor was well prepared for the moment. She was so taken with the whole thing that we ended up celebrating at every meal the rest of the week. Good thing I bought enough cake and candles to sing, blow candles and repeat x 3 meals a day x five days. It was BIG TIME for her.  loved every minute of it!

 Of course I had to dress up our party guests...our dogs get colored ribbon collars for every occasion. Red went with the mickey theme
 Just a view of the decorations. Tay woke from her nap to find the kitchen covered in streamers
 My sweet boy
 Obi and Noah sitting on the back patio
 Happy dog- yes, he got cake. No, we didn't give him any. Bad dog.
 Birthday girl and mommy
 Singing happy birthday

 Precious face

  Had to include this one... This is what we call Taylor's stormy face. Its what happens when we wake her from her afternoon nap too early. She was less than enthusiastic ( as shown in the pic below) at first. But after a few minutes she came around and realized it was all for her!

 Both Taylor and Tahoe love to catch bubbles

Just for memories sake here are a few of Taylor's favorite things:
Blanket, bunny, music box, passies, bubbles, hearing the crickets at night, catching fireflies, talking about noises she hears, mickey mouse, SINGING ALL THE TIME ( ABCs, Daisy Daisy, Take me out to the ballgame, Oh how I love Jesus, If you're happy and you know it)
Playing outside, tormenting Raleigh with shadows, throwing all the pillows, cushions, placemats, blankets onto the floor, Chalk, CRAYONS, juice boxes, jumping in noah's crib, Tahoe is her best friend, Emptying mommy's purse, jumping, talking about lambs which she calls "yams", kisses and hugs and screaming for joy
Sweet Taylor Grace. We are so proud of you! You are the light of our day! We love you to the moon and back!

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