Monday, February 28, 2011

new pics...Wedding at Table Rock State Park. February 26.

 It was a GORGEOUS day last Saturday!!! We were honored to have been invited to a beautiful wedding of some new friends we've met since moving to SC. They got married at the Pinnacle Lake Lodge at Table Rock State Park. The moment we drove into the park I was in a photographer's heaven! The lighting was so perfect and the whole atmosphere was rustic and beautiful! I think I may have spent the whole afternoon shooting pics of my kids- but you'll see it was worth it!!!!


 A Handsome daddy

 Taylor spent the afternoon running this ramp with a pack of little girls. It was so cute...but man, were they fast!!! WAAAY too fast for mommies in heels to keep up with. I also caught them pretending to be in a wedding and marching down the aisle with bouquets...sooo cute

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E and K Wiepert said...

awesome pictures! That one of Mark makes me laugh out loud! I wish we could all hang out soon! come to FL soon!