Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer treats!

So theres almost nothing better than a cold popsicle on a hot summer day! My kids really savor evey last bite of every sweet thing I give them. I'm not one of those no sugar mommies- in fact I probably lean too far the other way-maybe to a fault. I, myself have a pretty persistent sweet tooth....and I also happen to be of the belief that you should treat yourself once a day. Sometimes, for me,  my treat will be a second cup of coffee or a happy hour glass of wine ( both of which I cannot indulge in currently), or sometimes its a new shirt from Target. It might be that I'm slightly impulsive, but it might just make me a fun person. I'm hoping its the latter.Anyway, I think I also pass this on to my children for better or worse I'm not certain yet. 

Popsicles currently top the list for summer favorite but they have also discovered ring pops- due to some of mommy's last ditch efforts for potty training bribery.

I know this picture doesnt surprise anyone. After much stalking and scolding, Tahoe finally got what he wanted.

I've got tons of pics I'm working on so I will upload and post a summer May/June rewind...we have lots of travels to document.

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