Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer catch up

Here's a quick summer catch up on some of the highlights this month: They include a trip to the Memorial day Freedom Aloft weekend and  hiking at Table Rock State Park. The kiddos are at a fun age for traveling and getting out since they are both very active and pretty much at the same pace.


Collin and Canines said...

Hi Sarah, it's Erin Petkovich. Just have to say that I am highly impressed that you are pregnant and hiking with a one-year-old on your back! I think Mark sent us your blog address when Taylor was born and I've enjoyed the glimpses of what's going on with you guys. We too have a vizsla and a rescue lab that love to clean up after our son, so it's nice to see we're not the only family where the food gets licked by a vizsla and then eaten by the toddler!

Glad to keep up with your happy, growing family! --Erin (and we too have a family blog that we started when Collin was born - collinandcanines.blogspot.com)

E and K Wiepert said...

Beautiful pics!