Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Catch up part 2

Back in Early June we took a FABULOUS trip to Nantucket with our good friends John and Christine- sans kids might I add. We had such a fun and relaxing time just chatting, and eating, and riding bikes around the gorgeous scenery in Nantucket. We made some wonderful memories with these two and I have lots of stories but for now, here are some pics from the trip.

The seals would follow us as we walked on the beach. We usually had at least two watching and stalking us everytime we were on the beach! This is the baby seal that Christine and I ran down the beach to see. It was a little leary of us so we had to use the major zoom to get this shot. Yes, I wanted to pet it but thought it wouldnt be so fun explaining to the the ER and my ER husband what happened.

This is THE PERFECT spot for Happy wasnt our spot but I told Mark he is WELCOME to purchase this piece of property anytime for me...

Kind of a dork shot of me ...I have no idea what I was looking at...probably the tiny planes people had to get on to fly here.But I think I wanted to document that I was pregnant with #3 during this I was pregnant with #1 last time we were in Nantucket.

The BEST night of the whole trip!!!! This was the perfect spot for happy hour and we watched the sun go down...I didnt partake of the "happiness" of course, being preggo, but I may have had more fun than everyone else.

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