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So, we are backing things waaay up...all the way back to May. I've had this post ready but forgot to write in the captions and oops now its pretty much September and I'm just NOW posting this. BUT we took a pretty spectacular trip in May that I feel is noteworthy or I guess I should say postworthy. We decided to book a beachfront condo in Gulf Shore AL with some of our best friends, Callie and Chris and their family. It was our first real "lets bring our kids " vacation together. Callie, Chris, Mark and I go way back with traveling adventures but this is the first with our families meshed together since having kids. It was a wild ride...but you know? It worked!Even with 5 kids under 4 years old , two husbands and two pregnant ladies. We had a ball with our sweet friends...those pics at the bottom...
These first are a little detour we took on our way to Gulf Shores we stopped at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta... I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!!! It was INCREDIBLE! They had the largest aquariums I've ever seen with whale sharks, and beluga whales, and penguins, and scary sharks and every fish and water animal and mammal you can imagine! I was one of my favorite destinations. I"ll definitely go back!
 Beluga Whale tank!!! They were doing tricks for us on their own and there were three in there!
 My personal favorite...see that fish overhead? If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with sharks! And I got a really fun look up close here
 WHALE SHARKS IN THIS TANK! THEY WERE ENORMOUS AND SO GRACEFUL! I think there were three in here too along with other huge creatures. Yes, that would be my son laying on the ground...he laid on the ground in front of this tank for about 20 minutes...

Ok..on to the real trip...heres Chris and their son Carson...and one of their precious baby girls...who I guess are about 14 mos here? Callie and I must have the other kids in the condo...we only made it to the beach all together one time during the whole trip...wasnt the beach gorgeous?

 My kids were happiest at the beach on the last day. It took them a little while to actually get used to sitting on sand and neither one of them liked the ocean at first. Noah still hates it but now, after a couple of beach trips since May, she loves it again.
 So Noah did alot of this. We had to be creative to find ways for him to enjoy the beach without actually having to touch the sand. I love this pic. I could eat him up!
 My sweet boy LOVES cars
 Ok! There she is! One of my very best friends. This girl has gotten me through life! I love her so much !!!
 oh! And I knew I had one of my handsome hubby. ...SO. We went to a restaurant called The Hangout. It was really fun and easy atmosphere for kids. They had a sand playground for the kids to romp around, outdoor music, and dancing too. But the highlight was the foam machine that expelled a HUGE mound of bubbles every hour. WOW!!! Kids were getting lost in this thing!
 Here's Carson enveloped in bubbles 
 My sweet girl, she was a little weary of the bubbles at first but she danced with them - typical- and chased them around
 Back to the beach pics, I'm sure glad I got those two up top of them smiling - because, to be honest, there was a whole lot of this while on the beach
 And this....
 But daddy got in the water and got in the sand to build castles with them...and the beach suddenly got better
 Then one night we went to some kiddie rides ...which the kids loved!!!
 Even the babies were entertained
 The best part of that night was when Chris and Mark decided to take the "older" ones...meaning the ones over the age of 1 yr. on a bumper boat ride. Thats where we found out one of Taylor's talents...She can aim!!! She went after Chris ruthlessly! Her gun actually got stuck in the ON position but she kept her aim at Chris and HE GOT SOAKED!!!! It was so hilarious to watch our husbands and kiddos laughing their heads off! It was a memory for sure!!!!

 This is one of my alltime favorite pics! I love these two...I think they might be trouble later on
Callie and Chris, Carson, Caroline, and Carleigh....and baby Cami. We had A BALL with you all! We are so blessed to have your friendship in our lives.  I'm so glad we got to vacation together!!! Lets make it a regular thing! Love you all!

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Callie said...

it's 4:30 AM and I just read this post - it made me cry. I miss you so incredibly much - let's definitely plan another trip! Maybe this time w/o kids :)???