Friday, August 26, 2011

Emma Kate Bailey Ellis

Its official! We are having another sweet baby girl. Emma Kate Bailey Ellis will be here the first week of January. We are over the moon!!! In case you were wondering, Emma Kate will be what we call her..but we wanted to give her a middle name too. She will have lots of options when she is an adult. We have always really liked the name Emma Kate, and always liked double names. Now that we live in the true south we thought it was time to do the double named child. And Bailey- we really just liked it for cuteness factor.

I'm 21 weeks along....and she is healthy and active already! We cant wait to meet our sweet we just need one more female vizsla and our numbers in the Ellis house will be even finally!


Brittany said...

Love the name. Miss y'all!

E and K Wiepert said...

yeah!!! Sterling Kate is excited to meet her friend Emma Kate! :) MISS YOU