Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I know I know I'll post new pics soon!

I know I havent posted anything new on here in a while. This week Taylor's bedding will be in and I'll get some new pics of the nursery. We finally finished painting the walls...well my sweet husband really did almost all of it. Most of the furniture is in the room so I'll get some cute pics to share by the end of this week....what else is new on the baby front? Oh yes I went to my hospital tour today. Its really happening now! Winnie Palmer Hospital is so nice! Its like a resort inside I was ready to check in and spend the night! They have wood-floor rooms, bathtubs, satin sheets, gourmet meals, massages, robes and slippers! I'm looking forward to that stay for sure! I think thats it for now- I've just been nesting, throwing away old things and cleaning up to get ready. In two weeks we leave to go to Nantucket! Stay tuned for more pics of the nursery, I guess I could throw in a belly shot or two as well!

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