Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pink and Lime

The first pics of her room: we aren't finished yet

I couldnt get Tahoe out of the goes life around the Ellis house.

I love love love this monogram!! Callie's mom, Ann, worked on this part! Callie's a good friend to know with a talented family.

Here are some of our first pictures from Taylor's room. Mark finished painting last week. Of course there are pink paw prints all over the house since the dogs really like to "help" daddy when he is working. Taylor's bedding came in today!!!! Callie's grandmother, Mary, did a fabulous job! She is a sweet lady with a serious talent. It looks like a professional made it! I am so thrilled- and the lime, believe it or not tones down all the pink in the room.

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Callie said...

girl...this looks SOOOO good! I am lovin' all the pink. I can't wait to meet little Taylor! Maybe one day her initials will change and her last name will start with an S :)!!