Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas/Winter Holidays

Happy New year!!! Here are a few pics from over the holidays. We were blessed to have spent our Christmas with both of our families this year. Mark's parents came to Greenville so we got to visit with them and then we headed to Orlando for Christmas morning and a few days after. While we were in FL Greenville had a real WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! We were disappointed to miss the first white christmas in 40 years for Greenville, but happy that we could be in the warmer weather for a while. I think snow is forcasted for later this week so that will make up for it! Taylor is starting to potty train and Noah is very close to taking his first steps! I can't believe how fast he is growing---he's really changing into more of a toddler...time for another one!!! NOT YET THOUGH!


 She was serious about this cupcake that she helped herself to after the Christmas Eve service

 Silly face

 "The Boys"

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E and K Wiepert said...

love that pic of Taylor smiling!! Great post! Miss you guys.