Friday, January 14, 2011


My friends have blogged their "confessions" and now its my turn. Hopefully some of you can relate.

I confess...

1. I love reality trash tv. The Bachelor and  The Biggest Loser.I dont care that they aren't truly reality. I confess I spend lots of time wasting my life watching bad tv. I have a weekly date with Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice too... But it gets worse...because I also love 90210, Teen Mom, and Sister Wives...eek- dont think I'm shallow

2. I probably yell at my dogs 47 times a day. And then at the end of everyday I feel guilty about it. I also feel like I have to equally pet each of them so as to be fair and not hurt their feelings.

3. I hate to floss. It is my new years resolution to floss every year. I am actually 13 days into it and doing well so far.

4. If you see me in workout clothes, its because I either need to do laundry or I want you to think I'm working out, but really I didnt want to take a shower and get dressed. So I wear workout clothes.

5. I feel like an adult when I drink hot tea.

6.I always have at least 7 different shampoos in my shower at any given time.

7. I sometimes have a phone phobia and I dont want to call a stranger- like to make an appointment or call someone I dont know very well.

8. I've always wanted to live in a treehouse.

9. Sometimes my kids stay in their pjs all day. I bathe them at night and then put on a new pair of pjs.

10. I have to be the one to lock the doors in my house at night. Sometimes when I stay over at other's homes I have to check their doors too.

11. I never go out at night anymore..I'm always home by about 4:30pm. So now, if I go out after dark, I think its dangerous. Even if its only 7pm. I'm just not used to being out after dark. Its funny.

12. I have mommy guilt about leaving my kids to do something just for me like getting my hair done, or going to the gym. I'm working on it.

13. Sometimes I bribe my two year old with m&ms or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...just to get a moment of peace.

14. I hunt spiders in my house in the summertime. I can be found talking to them....I hate them and its my mission to rid my house of them.

15. I call my mom 7 times at day sometimes. Sometimes I say nothing really. Sometimes we just stay on the line and clean our houses while we listen to eachother breath.


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious and I love your honesty. Ya'll need to move to Houston, Callie needs you (at least for the next 3 years till I retire)hehe

Anonymous said...

The spider hunting must be a Jagoe thing. Bryan has been on a tear about finding and killing spiders in the house. He hates them and I think he is also afraid of them. I have to do the spider killing around here.