Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day Trip

Oh Blue Ridge Mountains...how I love you. You are not as majestic as the California mountains, nor are you as lofty and rugged as the ones in Colorado- you may not be as magnificent and proud as the ones in the west..but you are ancient and mysterious, and green with trees- and best of all you are close to home.
We visited Chimney Rock in Nc- It was about an hour from our house...we actually live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and they can easily be seen from Greenville. Its only a short drive to hiking, rafting, and rock climbing. I think this place is definitely for us.
On a side note, Mark and I realized on this trip how out of shape we feel so we joined our YMCA. Hopefully we will go this time...( oops my eyes are closed in this pic)

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Anonymous said...

So fun Sarah!! Wow, looks like y'all hit the lottery with your new home!! So happy for y'all!