Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby shower 8.17.08

My sweet friends Chrissy, Bridgette, Brieanne, Kim and Jill and their husbands threw me a baby shower last week. They are good friends from a bible study group we are in from Church. The place was gorgeous and the food delicious! Plus, it was co-ed so Mark got to be in on opening all the baby gifts and he did a great job! It was a blast - we are so thankful to have great friends who are thrilled about Taylor Grace's arrival!

Kim and Chrissy

One of the gifts was a daddy diaper duty tool belt equipped with goggles, gloves, tongs for the dirty diaper, a surgical mask and all the creams and things that go along with diapering. It was hilarious and funny that those are things mark uses everyday at work so he should be comfortable wearing it! Thanks Charles and Brie

Now my daughter has an expensive outfit from France before I do....how did that happen?

Wow, ignore me in that picture please...Raleigh and Tahoe gave Taylor a present and suprise....it just happened to be two dog bones!

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