Friday, August 29, 2008

No,not yet

Sorry, no new baby news yet!!! So, I guess I've got a lot of free time on my hands now. I've complete most of my tasks on my "get ready for taylor" list. Seriously I've stripped and washed our linens like three times in the past week. I dont know what else to do!!! So I'm updating again.... Its so weird that the entire pregnancy went by so fast and now in my last two weeks it seems to be creeping along. But one thing that has been really neat is that we have had booked evenings on the calendar for the past week or so....but for some reason every single time mark has had a night off our plans with friends have been cancelled or didnt work out due to different reasons. Which we are always bummed about - BUT we have had four impromtu date nights because of it!!!! Which is awesome since I've been kind of sad thinking about the Mark and Sarah time we will be missing for the few months after our sweet girl is born. I know we will both be so enthralled with her that we will be ok- but I know things will never be quite the same when we go out together. I'm sure we'll always have our children on our mind when we leave them....its so nice now since she's just with us all the time. Anyway I"m rambling....I"m glad to have all the conventions and the nasty hurricanes to keep me busy this week. I would love to have her over this weekend!!! Most of you know I'm obessed with hurricane coverage especially Jim Cantore on the weather channel...its my weird fixation, I know. So if Taylor could come during the landfall of one of the hurricanes I think I'll have some good entertainment while I'm bored in the hospital. Of course I dont want it to do any real damage especially to TX or LA. But a little drama might be nice. It will probably come here instead since I said that. Anyway ok- now i'm off to find something to scrub or dust again....hopefully I can just be busy with Taylor Grace soon!

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Kathryn said...

Hi Sarah! Teresa gave me the link to your blog spot and I've enjoyed keeping up with you and baby Taylor news.

You aren't the only one who likes hurricaine drama. It can be so disappointing when they fizzle upon landfall.

When I was expecting my first child (Teresa), I would obsess over the fact that I would forever be a mother. Anyway, wishing I could see you and the family more.