Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taylor's room

We are just about done with Taylor's room! We hung her name on the wall and decorated some more! I loved these little bunnies I bought them right when I was first pregnant. Tahoe broke one of the toes off the bunny but its the mean looking one so I didnt care as much.

Opps I just realized I didnt put all the bows on the letters ....but heres an idea of what it looks like over her dresser/changing table

This is my favorite!!! Its our dulatier glider and its sooo comfortable. We have it in the living room for now since I figure I'd rather be out there more often than not and the tv is there too. We have been training the puppies not to jump on me in that chair...its my one space in the house. Thank you to my parents and aunts!
The Glider will eventually go in this corner and we ordered a green rug thats on its way now.

I loved these birds from PB Kids....and I'll hang her baptism dress and some other things on these hooks.
Here it is!!! The almighty Orbit stroller/travel system. It looks like a baby spacecraft but I think we will enjoy it. Some people have asked to see it so I thought I'd take a pic.

So her room is pretty much finished...bags are packed. We will be 38 weeks this week so I'm getting very anxious. I go to the doctor tomorrow but they wont check me for progress until next week if I'm still pregnant. I have no idea when this baby is coming. It is the strangest feeling to not know when. It could be tonight since I've been having lots of cramping and contractions. But I could have these pre-labor pains for another two-three weeks( more than likely she will stick it out closer to the end). We have another hurricane headed our way. Gustav looks like a big one- so I'm getting excited about that. ( I know I"m strange) But for now I'm trying to finish up projects and things to keep me busy. My sweet husband has been helping me stay busy and taking me for short walks around the neighborhood to keep things moving along. I think we're both just ready. We will keep you posted!

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