Wednesday, August 27, 2008

update from the OB

Well, this may be more info than some of you would care to know but I thought I'd pass along the update I got from my dr's appointment this morning. He checked me and so far I'm 2cm dialated, my cervix is around 90% thinned out and Taylor Grace is at a -1 station ! He said with just a little luck I'll probably go into labor before my due date. I am totally aware though that she could still hang on until the week of her due date. But I am thankful to know that my contractions and cramps have made some progress. I'm 38 weeks on friday and I'll be 39 at my next visit exactly so I'll hopefully know more next time. But dont be suprised if we start sending out calls and texts that we're headed to the hospital!!! It could be any day!

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princess granola said...

Oh my goodness! That is so exciting! It's so different being on this side of things and knowing what's coming for you guys... The last 9 months have been so overwhelming (in a good way!)... but I still remember all of my contractions for weeks and wondering when she'd get here.

Can't wait to see pictures. :)