Thursday, August 21, 2008

37 WEEKS!!!!

Well, we're full term now! I am so ready to meet Taylor! We went to the doctor today and it looks like she's dropped, in position, and ready to go. Now we'll just play the waiting game some more until she's ready to arrive. I was kind of thinking she might choose to come during this Tropical Storm that is currently stalled over the entire state of Florida...and has been for days. But I think she's going to hang on at least another week. We've got most everything ready for her to come home. I"ll be hanging pictures of her finished nursery as soon as we get the rest of the decorations on the wall. We've put the carseat in, packed our bags, and are working on our "before we bring the baby home" checklist. I guess it could be any time...or it could be more than three weeks. Only God and Taylor know when, until then we'll be trying to be patient and visiting with friends to keep ourselves occupied. Some of our good friends in town threw us a baby shower last weekend and we'll post some pics from that soon too!

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