Thursday, September 4, 2008

39 Taylor Grace yet

Hey- just wanted to give a quick update on my Doctor's appointment yesterday. I guess I've made a tiny bit of progress in the last week. I'm now at 3 cm and still 90% effaced....BUT Taylor has dropped to zero station which means she's completely engaged and now we are just waiting for some contractions and she should be on her way. The OB seemed suprised at how low Taylor is positioned in there. They said I'm in an excellent position to go into spontaneous labor and also I'm a great candidate for a nice induction (whatever that means). We are getting a little impatient now especially since I havent had too many good contractions yet....I've had some everyday but none that have really hurt or been really uncomfortable. Its hard since no one can really tell me what I will feel during a its hard to tell the difference between real ones and false ones. Anyway so with all that being said, I have another appointment scheduled on Wed Sept 10th and if I havent had her by then the doctor will schedule an induction.
In other news my car is in the shop. It died on Monday afternoon outside a strip mall my mom and I went to. So we are getting it fixed and then we are planning on trading it this week for something else. We think Taylor might be holding out for her new car this week. So, for now we are trying to keep busy, watching the Republican Convention and Hurricane Ike...which could potentially hit around my due date ( its a category 4 now already!) 39 weeks tomorrow Taylor Grace yet but we will keep you informed on any new info!

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