Saturday, September 20, 2008

First few days and Labor story

first car ride

anyone want to check a pulse on that kid?

A bunch of people have been asking about our labor and delivery so here is a brief synopsis of the BIG day...
Mark and I arrived at the hospital at 11am for our scheduled induction. We got to the Labor and Delivery room around noon. By 1:00 the doctor had come in and broken my water to start some contractions. Next they started my pitocin drip which kicked up the contractions to the maximum- which then led me quickly asking for that wonderful epidural. The epidural was a dream and it was smooth sailing from there- no pain, no problem. They checked me again at 2:30 and I had progressed from 3cm to 9 cm in a hour's time!!! We were stunned at how quickly it all went. I started pushing around 4:25pm and we had our baby girl at 5:07pm!
Taylor Grace Ellis arrived weighing 7lbs 9oz and she was 19.5 inches long. We had a wonderful labor experience-we could definitely feel the prayers of our friends and family with us! We are doing great now at home. Taylor has already been to see the pediatrician and she checked out healthy and already back to her birthweight after only 4 days!!! She's a hungry girl! We are completely in love with her and feel so blessed!

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Jeremy said...

Hey! It's been a long time. I'm glad that you guys sent me the email. CONGRATS! She's BEAUTIFUL! It looks like you guys are doing great. I heard Mark switched to ER. What are your plans when he's done? I'll have to spend some time reading your blog to catch up. Take care and CONGRATS again!