Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 days until my 4th Trimester

So...we are now two days until my due date and also when my fourth trimester begins. No one ever talks about going into the 4th trimester ( which I guess would not be a would be a quad-mester or something like that)...but apparently its pretty common to go into your 40-41st week. We just got back from our dr. appt and they are trying to squeeze us in to be induced sometime between now and Sept 18th. So, we are anxiously awaiting a phone call to see when we can go to the hospital. They guestimated that she's between 7-8lbs so we're doing great on size...of course I'd rather push out a baby closer to 7lbs.....for now we are just trusting the Lord that she will come at the right time or that all the details will work out so that I can be induced on the right day with the right doctor. So....we will update as soon as we know our induction date! We should know in the next 48hrs...unless she decides to come on her own!

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