Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'll be a Mommy by Monday Sept 15th!!!!

Ok- so we got the call today! If our baby girl doesnt come on her own in the next couple of days my doctor will induce her this Monday! I'll go in on Mon at 11am and they will start the paperwork and pitocin drip in the early afternoon. They said if all goes normally I'll have her sometime before midnight on Monday!!! I am so happy to have a goal in sight now. Mark does have to work tonight thru sat night but he is off on Sunday and we will get one more date night together...if we can even stand the anticipation. Meanwhile this weekend our family all over Texas will be going through a major it would be great if she waited until Monday so we can be sure and have phone contact with Mark's parents and sister. They all had to evacuate since they live on the coast...and Elaine in Houston. So, we'll be on pins and needles watching Ike and waiting for Taylor. The stress and excitement alone I guess could help me go early!!! Thats all the news for now. We'll be getting everything ready this weekend and I'll be a mommy for sure on Monday!!!! I cant belive it!


princess granola said...

i am SO excited for you!!
on the day of zola's birth we took a little video of what the weather was outside and we both talked a bit about our excitement/nervousness... it helps b/c once she came we forgot everything! :)
have fun. i can't wait for pictures.

Robin Jagoe said...

I'm gonna be a grandma...I'm gonna be a grandma. It's about time Taylor Grace :-)!!!!!!

Sarah and Mark, you are going to be wonderful parents...can't wait!

Love you,mom