Sunday, September 14, 2008


We have been glued to the television the past few days watching hurricane Ike target our hometown of galveston, texas. As much as I love hurricane has been very difficult watching places you know and love be destroyed. Mark's parents and sister evacuated to San Antonio and are safe but they don't know when they will be able to return home to assess the damage to their homes. We are very saddened at the devestation that happened and also thankful that it wasn't worse. I hear there are boats strewn about I-45 and some of the roads in town buckled making it impossible for officials to let residents back to the island. Its unbelievable to watch on tv. We are praying for those who are stuck there and stuck off the island worrying about their homes. In all the years I've been living back and forth between Texas and Florida I have been lucky enough to miss all the major storms that hit both states. I cannot imagine it being very fun to actually go through a hurricane, the summer storms we get here are enough to send me into a spin! Anyway I will keep the blog updated as we get info on our family's property.
Other big news...of course I'll be a mommy tomorrow. This has been one of the strangest weekends of my life between Ike and knowing I'll be birthing a child in the next 24 hours. We are so excited and ready. My emotions are running high of course feeling excited, anxious, nervous, but overall just READY. Its not supposed to be like this...its supposed to be spontaneous and unplanned and labor is supposed to start and I wont be able to do anything about it. BUT...I guess I'm already learning lessons in parenthood...sometimes things dont go exactly as planned and thats OK. So, prayers are much appreciated for tonight that we would be able to sleep and enjoy our last night as a free couple ( for a while anyway)..and of course for tomorrow. we will do our best to update with pictures and info when she's born. I am supposed to go in at 11am and will most likely have papers to sign and things should get rolling in the early afternoon. If things go fast I'll have our Taylor Grace after dinnertime...and if slower then hopefully by midnight! We'll keep you posted! We love you all!


Ellis Party of 5 said...

Anyone is welcome to post comments if you want. You dont have to have your own blog to make comments...I didnt know if everyone knew that info!

Katie said...

I am so glad to hear the family is safe. During all this coverage I can't help but think of y'all and all the times I've spent at the Ellis house.

As for the birth, I am so excited! It is truly amazing what us women can do. I hope you have a great birthing and a wonderful babymoon. Oh, and I hope Taylor looks like her mama!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Ya, so I have been reading

these can see damage reports by county (with a Galveston specific one).

As you can see, Gavlestonions are very on edge. Even watching Fox Houston and national TV, nobody is reporting about Galveston County. It's all about Houston and The Seawall....They are not letting people back to the Isle..Some say it will be at least 30 days..

Anonymous said...

oh, this is your brother, BTW